Hydrogen Storage RWE Epe-H2

RWE plans to build Germany's first hydrogen storage facility for commercial use.

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RWE Gas Storage West GmbH supports the interest of its customers and the general public in a secure, affordable, efficient and environmentally friendly energy supply. To this end, an extension of the existing salt cavern storage at Kottiger Hook in Gronau-Epe with a hydrogen storage is planned.

In addition to storing natural gas, storing hydrogen (H2) supports the German government's aim of decarbonisation. The hydrogen storage will provide the developing hydrogen market with flexibility products for balancing hydrogen production and consumption, as well as for balancing the hydrogen grid.

RWE Gas Storage West has therefore joined forces with strong partners in the GET H2 initiative to establish the core for a nationwide hydrogen infrastructure and thus enable the implementation of the energy transition.

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RWE is a leader in the project development of new H2 technologies.

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