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Fees for gas storage products

For access to our storages the following fees apply:

  • Fixed storage fee
  • Variable storage fee

We shall explain our fee structure for the negotiated access to our storages in detail below.

Fixed storage fee

Storage bundles

Storage customers pay a fixed fee for the provision of storage capacities in form of storage bundles. For example the price for the specific storage bundles is calculated as follows: for a booking period of one storage year the price per storage bundle per year (€/ storage bundle/a) is multiplied by the number of storage bundles.

Firm or interruptible unbundled capacities

The fixed storage fee for the provision of unbundled capacities for a booking period of one storage year results from multiplying the specific prices per storage capacity per year by the number of booked capacities.

Short-Year parameter for shorter terms

If the booking period for storage fees deviates from a storage year, we multiply for example for the specific storage bundles the annual storage fee subject to the booking period by a relevant short-year parameter.

You will find more details in the download area, under "product and price information".

Variable storage fee

The variable storage fee serves to cover the energy costs arising during injection and withdrawal. It is calculated per injected kilowatt hour of natural gas. You will find more details in the download area, under "product and price information".

Storage calculator

Non-binding calculation

With the help of the following storage calculator you can do step by step an exemplary and non-binding calculation of the storage fee according to your storage and product choice.

Click on the arrow to open the storage fee calculator.


Book flexible gas storage capacities at RWE Gas Storage West now.

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